Thursday, March 30, 2017

7 Essentials for First Year College Students You Might Not Have Thought Of

Your first year in college is a big one. You learn new skills and meet new people. It can be really exciting to be on your own and manage your own time! When moving into your dorm for the first time, you probably bring a lot more items than you will actually use. You will also probably lack a few items that could be helpful. I put together a list of 7 items that are not necessarily priorities, but can make the college life a little more organized!

Shower caddy
Unless you have a bathroom all to yourself, a shower caddy is good idea so you don't realize you forgot your shampoo after you've already been in the shower for 5 minutes.

Spare key fob and car key
You never know when you might have to call your roommate because you lost your keys while you were out having fun!

 It's good to get a head start on due dates and other appointments you may have!

Reward yourself with a homework break or stay in one night and watch a whole season!

Laundry soap
Make the investment to purchase your own laundry soap rather than borrowing your roommates every time.

Long phone charger
Unfortunately, outlets are not always conveniently placed. Having a 10 foot charger is great when you want to browse your phone while lying in bed.

 A wallet is a great idea so you can keep all of your important items in place and take them with you wherever you go.

Toothbrush cover
It's a good idea to have something to cover your toothbrush up, that way it doesn't get dirty if it falls on the floor, etc.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How To Prevent Door Dings In Your Garage

You finally get home and you pull your car into the garage. You open your car door and.... BANG! You knock your car door against the wall of the garage. Say hello to the 7th scratch and ding this week, and it's only Tuesday.

No more scratches and dings on your car doors. Instead, place a pool noodle on the wall of your garage so that way your car door hits a soft noodle rather than the hard surface of the wall.

Here's what you will need:
-Pool noodle
-Drywall screws


1. Cut the pool noodle in half with your knife. A box cutter, exacto knife, or something similar should work.

2. Puncture drywall screws through the pool noodle on both ends.

3. Measure where you need to place the pool noodle by opening your car door. You can mark the spot with a pencil or sharpie.

4. Hold the noodle where the measurements are and screw the noodle in place. An electric screwdriver may be easier, but a manual one will work too.

5. Enjoy a scratch and ding free car door!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The 5 W's of Car Horn History

Every wonder who, what, when, where, & why the car horn was invented?  Well we wrote this blog post for you!

Oliver Lucas

An electric car horn


Birmingham, England

The electric car horn was invented for safety; to warn others of vehicles approaching, their presence, or to gain attention to a potential hazard. Most vehicles, as well as bicycles, trains, and ships, are required by law to have horns.

The horn system includes a steel diaphragm, a contractor, and electromagnet. In simple terms, when you press down on the horn from your vehicle, it triggers the electromagnet, which causes the diaphragm to move. Once the diaphragm reaches its maximum point, the contractor momentarily cuts off the current (putting the diaphragm back in its original position). This process is repeated and the back and forth movement is what causes the sound to come out.

Other Types of Horns

Bicycle Horn
        Bulb horn that works by squeezing the rubber bulb.

Train Horns
       Air horns that are operated by the compressed air from the train's air brake system.

Ship Horns
      Air horns that are operated by compressed air or from steam that comes from the power plant.