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The Key Fob Experts

Spring Cleaning List for Your Car

Everyone loves (or hates) spring cleaning because for some reason you can't clean in the winter. Spring cleaning is just a fancy term to give you the motivation to clean your entire house after being lazy and cozied up in the winter. It's also nice to be able to let the sun shine in and let a slight breeze blow through your house.  Your house is not the only thing that deserves spring cleaning... your car does too!

Here's a spring cleaning checklist for your car:

1. Grab a garbage bag and pick up all of the trash lying around.

2. Vacuum! Not with the same vacuum you use in your house, but the one at gas stations (or you can buy one yourself)

3. Wipe, wipe, wipe the dashboard, doors, EVERYTHING with cleaning wipes.

4. Clean the windows of streaks with a window cleaner and a microfiber towel.

5. Wash your car. You could take it to a car wash, but with warm weather, it can be fun to wash it yourself (don't forget the tires).

Happy Cleaning! :)

A few extra tips:

1)  Use a Q-tip to clean out your air vents
2)  Use a micro-fiber cloth to wipe the interior to avoid scratching
3)  If you have leather seats, use a leather moisturize the seats and avoid cracking

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