The Key Fob Experts

The Key Fob Experts

Having A Hard Time Removing Your Car Key From The Ignition?

Have you ever tried to put your key in the ignition and when you go to take it out, you have to yank it hard?  Did you know that dirt and gunk can build up in the key hold?  Try cleaning out the ignition switch with Houdini Lock Lube.  Houdini lock spray will lubricate the key hole and get it free of sticking and key jamming.  Here is how it is done:

1. Take the cap off of the bottle.

2. Place the little red nozzle into the sprayer. Make sure the holes are going vertically.

3. Put the nozzle into the ignition and spray.

That's it!  Nothing else to do but to see if you key still has trouble.  Who knew the solution would be so easy?

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