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The Key Fob Experts

How to Make the Road Trip a Little Less Boring

Road trips can become boring after the excitement in the first 2 hours goes away. Here are some things you can do to make it a little less boring.

1. Make random stops, or take alternate routes
Sometimes it's fun to go off track a little bit and explore a small city nearby. Maybe take a different route and pass through a big city for a couple hours. One of the best parts about a road trip is that you have time and don't need an itinerary!

2. Bring music or podcasts
Listening to music you enjoy will help the ride be a little less exhausting. Have a mini concert in the car, but don't get too crazy with the dancing. Stay focused on the road.

3. Reading
Stop at the bookstore or the library before a road trip and bring some reading to keep you occupied.

4. Take turns
If there is more than one person that can drive, take turns driving. Let the other person take a nap or play on their phone.

5. Movies
If you are a passenger and have a laptop, bring a movie to watch.

6. Local eats
Stop at restaurants that are only in that local area. Try new food!

7. Play road games
  • License plate: look for license plates from different states, try to find one from each state!
  • Alphabet game: go down the alphabet and find signs that start with each letter in the alphabet.
  • Windmill: say windmill every time you spot one. Try to find the most out of everyone else, there aren't too many around anymore!
  • I spy: "I spy with my little eye..." and mention the color of what you see. The other people guess what you see
  • 20 questions: One person thinks of something (a table, a telescope, shampoo, etc.) and the other person gets to ask 20 yes or no questions to guess what the other person is thinking

Road trips can drag on, but being around great people and exploring the world around you can make it a little more exciting!

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