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The Key Fob Experts

Self Defense with Your Keys - How To Protect Yourself with Your Car Keys

You've probably heard the common tactic to hold your keys in-between your fingers while walking to your car (especially at night) that way if someone tries to attack you, then you have some type of defense mechanism. Here are a few precautions with this method.

If you have never taken a martial arts, boxing class, or anything similar to learn how to properly punch, it may be difficult. You must have a strong grip. If you take your keys and punch an object, the keys can move in different directions and not even stab the object you were aiming for. The keys could also come back to hurt you instead.

The time you have to react to a situation like this is very short. To collect your keys and have a strong grip that will hit the target may be difficult.

However, there are different grips you can use to make it a little easier.

1. Vertical
Place the keys vertical facing, it might give a stronger grip.

2. Prying
Hold the key with your thumb as if you are prying something open.

3. Hammer
Hold the keys as if you were about to bang a hammer against a nail.

Hopefully you don't get into a situation where you need to do this, but it is always good to know how to use self defense!

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