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Why doesn't my AC work in my car?

How disappointing and irritating is it when you turn the AC on in your car expecting a breeze of cool air and instead you get hot, sticky air? What is causing it to not work?! Here are a few common problems to why your air conditioning might not be working, but always go to a professional to get it properly solved.

1. Needs recharging
Most of the time, the reason your AC is not blowing out cold air is because it needs recharged. You can recharge refrigerant by yourself or you can go to a mechanic who will do it for you.

2. Low refrigerant
This can be caused from numerous things, most commonly leaks and failed components.

3. AC fan
If you feel cool air, but the air is not blowing, then that means that the AC fan has stopped working. This can usually be fixed by changing a wire. Otherwise, you might need a new fan unit.

4. Blend air door
The blend air door is a small hatch inside your car's ventilation system. This is what changes the air being blown out from hot to cold. When you turn the air on, the door changes to draw in the cold air. However, if it doesn't change, then it's probably still drawing heat from the engine which is the hot air that is being blown on you!

5. Electrical
Sometimes there can be an electrical fault in the compressor's circuit or clutch which will prevent the air from working.

6. Dirty filter
The filter compartment may be dirty or stuck. This is an easy fix.

7. Air conditioner compressor
This piece must be lubricated at all times. If it doesn't work properly than you will not feel cool air.

Remember, some fixes are only temporary by yourself. Go to a professional to get it properly fixed!

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