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5 Things You Should Know That A Mechanic Doesn't Want You To Know

Knowledge is power.  Scotty Kilmer does a great job of spreading knowledge about cars.  Below is a video where he explains 5 secrets your car mechanic doesn't want you to know. 

We have summed up the video into these 5 bullet points:

Warning Lights
If you have multiple warning lights come on you need to know that in most modern vehicles the "check engine" light will trigger the "ABS" light and the "Traction" light.  So go to your local Autozone or Oreilly's and get your check engine light scanned, they will let you use their scanner for free.

Maintenance Required Light
Scotty feels this is a scam.  This light is programmed to come on at certain mileages.  He says if you just do regular maintenance like change your oil, a lot of these maintenance items are not necessary.

Don't waste your money for any fluid that says it has additives. 

Heater Not Working?
Check your coolant level!  If your coolant level is low it is a reason your heater might not be working.

Car Batteries
The longer they have sit on a shelf, the more possibilities the battery will be junk.  Check the manufacturer date and get the one that is the newest production.

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