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How to Program a Ford Key Fob

Whether you're driving a focus or an F-150, you love your car. However, you recently found yourself needing a new key fob. Fortunately, Ford key fob programming is relatively simple, and you can probably complete the do it yourself instructions in a few tries unless your car is from a recent year. All you need is a new Fordkey fob.  Note, some models do require professional programming.


·         Owner's manual (if available, this is the best resource for programming instructions)
·       Patience

Option 1: Your Owner's Manual

Before you pay someone else for Ford key fob programming, check in your owner's manual. Your vehicle probably has instructions for self-programming the new key fob. Ford allowed key fob programming on more models than some other brands for longer.

For Ford key fob programming instructions, generally, you'll insert a working key into the ignition and cycle the car on and off in rapid succession. Most Ford vehicles have chimes that indicate when you have entered the self-programming mode. Once you hear the chime, hold any key on the remote you want to program. It may take a few tries of the entire procedure, so don't get discouraged.

Keyless Entry Remote Inc has a great online resource for Ford key fob programming instructions here. 

Option 2: Locksmith

A locksmith, and particularly and automotive locksmith, offers a treasure trove of information. They can also take over the programming for you if you find you cannot convince your car's self-programming features to work. This is good since Ford key fob programming requires a rapid sequence.

An automotive locksmith may also have specialized equipment if you are trying to program a Ford Key fob. Some of the more recent models do require diagnostic computers. If you want to use a locksmith, ensure you have the vehicle make, model, and year sitting in front of you while you are calling around.

Option 3: Mechanic

A mechanic is another viable option. This choice will be more expensive than a locksmith, though you may get a discount if you are a loyal customer. Since mechanics work with a variety of vehicles, many have more practice with Ford key fob programming instructions than you do.

The other benefit of a mechanic is that they may have the right diagnostic equipment in the shop already. For example, a 2014 Ford Mustang key fob programming requires a diagnostic computer. A mechanic's shop may have one that they use for other functions with the correct capabilities, so you do not need a Ford dealer.

Option 4: Dealership

A Ford dealership is the last option and the most expensive for you. Dealerships, in general, tend to charge labor by the hour, markup the products, and even require that you buy your new key fob from them. However, you know a dealer can accomplish your Ford key fob programming since the instructions are for them.

Newer model Ford vehicles may require diagnostic equipment to program. Unfortunately, if your other options lack this piece of equipment, you must use a dealership for your Ford key fob programming needs.

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