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5 Reasons to Calibrate Your Futura Auto Key Machine

Futura Auto Key Machine Calibration

Taking the time for Futura Auto calibration may seem like a chore. However, it is a necessary procedure to ensure that the machine continues to produce high-quality car keys for your business.

Reason 1: Vibration

The biggest reason to calibrate your Futura Auto key machine is vibration. Even if you’re not a mobile locksmith, the device still experiences vibration. Doing calibrations regularly helps keep the machine lined up where it needs to be.

If you are using a Futura Auto key machine in a mobile setting, calibration is incredibly essential. The machine feels every bump in the road. Calibrating at least once per week can help enormously with the precision of your cutter.

Reason 2: Avoid Miscut Keys

Calibration of your Futura Auto key machine is also essential for the services you provide. Miscut keys do not serve your customers. Additionally, miscut keys waste valuable inventory. You do not want to accidentally miscut your last blank of something and then must delay your customer after all.

Reason 3: Efficiency of You Futura Auto Key Machine

Properly calibrated machinery is more efficient to operate. The machine uses precision measurements to cut the keys for your customers. While being off by a thousandth may not seem like a big deal, it can be over time. Therefore, it’s more efficient to take the time for Futura Auto key machine calibration.

Reason 4: Money

If you’re running your own locksmithing shop, money is an enormous consideration. Miscut keys slowly chip into your budget and may even cost you customer trust. After all, no customer wants to watch their automotive locksmith bumble a key cutting.

The other issue is that a lack of calibration may cause parts of your Futura Auto key machine to wear faster. In particular, the various cutting tips will receive more wear and tear without proper calibration. Replacing those can add up too.

Reason 5: Maintaining Your Futura Auto Key Machine

Maintaining calibration practices on your Futura Auto key machine also helps keep it in working order. The practice serves as a basic system check to confirm that there are no issues with the device that might appear while completing a job.

Additionally, using the calibration schedule on your Futura Auto key machine as a guideline for checking for updates is also a good option. This action means your software will be up to date and offer the latest in key cutting.

Calibrating Your Futura Auto Key Machine

Futura Auto made calibration easy on its machines. The calibration tool can be accessed through the settings menu and walks you through each step. It will have you calibrate both included clamps and the mobile tracer for maximum accuracy.

According to Silca's, the manufacturer, Futura Auto FAQ brochure, commends calibration at least once per month. However, mobile locksmiths may need to calibrate once per week to account for the bumpiness of roads and other hazards.

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