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Jeep Key Fob Replacement

Need  a replacement Jeep Key Fob Remote?  Don't go to the dealer and spend $100's on a new one Keyless Entry Remote Inc offers Factory OEM Jeep Replacement remotes at up to 80% OFF dealer prices.  Shop with confidence with our 60 day hassle free returns.  All Jeep replacement key fobs have passed a RF test to ensure the key fobs we sell are functional.  Browse our inventory organized by vehicle make or use the search bar to locate a replacement key fob using your vehicle's make, model or year.  Visit our Jeep key fob programming instructions guide or email us for FREE remote entry programming instructions.

Our Products

We offer OEM Quality key fob replacements.  What does this mean?  It means that you will receive the same electronic that the vehicle came with when it was new.  This ensures quality and compatibility.  

Our Process

Using our proprietary process, we take previously loved key fob circuit boards and remanufacture them o they can be used again.  

Why Us

You get a reliable key fob at a great price, all while using a sustainable product.  It is a win in every way.  

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